On Writing

There is one thing any writer of any pedigree knows: Writing is hard. And self-publishing is even worse.

With that in mind, I’ve created a section here to deal with both the practical side of writing (how to advertise, how to begin the publishing process) and the philosophical side (what to do when everything feels stupid, etc.). I want to help myself by putting down all my thoughts on what it means to write and all the things I’m learning along the way. But I also want to help you. As much as writing is a solitary game, we none of us can succeed without the other. So I hope you find something useful here.

If you have a suggestion for a topic, email me at psw.writer@gmail.com. Or you’d like to complain or seek a sympathetic ear, use that email or hit me up on Twitter – @pswgear.


The Practical

No.Title Description
1BookBuzzr an introduction to BookBuzzr
2Scribd an introduction to Scribd
3Writing Charlotte Gnoll the timeline for my first novel
4Querying Agents Step 1: so…how exactly do you query agents?
5Finding Agents Step 2: how do you find the agents you want to work with?
6Query Letter Example #1 Step 3: how do you write the query letter?
7Contacting Agents Step 4: how do you contact the agents you've found with the query you've written?
8Submitting to Kindle Scout after you've the manuscript locked down what do you need to do to submit?
9Quick & Dirty Formatting all you need to know to give your manuscript the semblance of professional in about 5 minutes
10Kindle Scout: 30 Days my experience with Kindle Scout obsessively blogged
11The Small Publisher's Pluck where I learn there's a middle ground (happy or not) between David and Goliath

The Philosophical

No.Title Description
1Your Writing is Stupid get over yourself and just write
2I Lost My Writer's Badge acknowledging my failure and getting back up again
3Embarrassment: The Price of Haste taking and making the time to put out the best product I can

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