Short Stories

UPDATE: All of the short stories have been unpublished until they can be professionally edited.

Welcome! You’ll notice that all short stories are also offered as a free PDF. If you do read the PDF copy, I only ask that you go to Amazon and write a review. Thanks!

“Read fast! Write faster!” – Mr. Kosanke, my 12th grade American History teacher.

No.title genre description free copy! or you could…
1The Guilt of Horace Etcher horror a writer & a devil & some wine n/a  unbuyable!
2Mr. Red Nose horror a walking nightmare & an ignorant american  n/a  unbuyable!
3In One Out the Other comedy a drunk a dog an automatic door n/a  unbuyable!
4Rainbow Kitty vs. the Republicans comedy a strange cat with a penchant & skill for death free PDF copy in development
5Heritage not Hate drama writing now
6The Last Sunset drama writing now
7Fate Versus Destiny fantasy an idea in the ether

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