Below are a list of 10 books I want to write. The order might shift around, but #1 will soon be out and I couldn’t be more excited!

As the stories progress, I’ll update the status and also begin to create pages so you can begin to see some of the characters and worlds I’m creating. Questions or comments? As always, get in touch via email or @pswgear.

I can’t wait to share these stories with you!

Title Description Status
Charlotte Gnoll an eight-year old is a hidden world's only hope to defeat a witch who last days of freedom were spent trying to subjugate the world to her domination published exclusively w/ Amazon
Misfits a twin jumps into an outrageous magical world she doesn't understand to save her sister researching
The Son of Man a Welsh police officer fights an enemy that has become a friend to everyone a firm outline without an interesting enough villain
My Father's Gun an Irish young boy is orphaned in America's Wild West and soon finds himself on the run from a group of men desperate to steal his father's gun a few scribbles and a bit of research
Morrigan the Lost the sequel to Charlotte Gnoll a loose outline
Hearts a romance between a witch and a druid blossoms and sets sail on a tragic course (not as lame as it sounds?) a firm outline
N.E.R.D.S. America is isolated in a frightening new world ruled by gigantic mechanized beasts of war and only a group of kids can save what's left a firm outline of the world
Purity the racial purists have achieved their dream and America lives as a broken and segregated nation a loose outline
Space Pirate Bartholomew Roberts an epic of space and time and broken man who holds together a crew of bruising personalities and a hope for peace a bulging folder of random technology and space and political ideas
Running Ink a man returns to a home he left at 16 to do what he can for a sister he barely knows a few scribbles

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