In mid-2012 when started figuring out how to improve my writing, I stumbled onto a 5-minute flash writing contest hosted by Nicole Wolverton. I then moved on to Wendy Strain‘s 500-word challenge. I’m now playing with Katheryn J. Avila’s Tuesday Flash FictionFlash Mob, and Amanda on Writing‘s weekly contests and prompts. I recently discovered Journal52. I also produce my (not so) weekly flash fiction for MISITLAW, or the Most Interesting Story In The Least Amount of Words for my newsletter.

If you’re looking to improve your writing, try some contests! There’s a great community just waiting to welcome you; all you need to do is jump in.

No.title Word Count description
1The Devil Made Me Do It 256 a woman accused of witchcraft is shackled and forced to walk the plank but she doesn't give them the satisfaction
2Fever Dream 299 remembering a vivid fever dream about a being turned
3Trying My Best 174 A long distant father struggling to help his daughter through a breakup
4(not posted) n/a a lesbian empath reminiscing about a former lover
5His First 196 a boy experiences giving head for the first time
6This Mess 497 a couple fighting about the mess of their love life
7Like a Gunshot 499 a kid learning he just became a published author
8A Little Idealism 499 a man pumped for information regarding the breaking a nation's Purity Laws
9Sneaky Soldier 499 waking up from a medically induced sleep and the wild hallucinations she was sent to navigate
10A Little Care 497 a King and his General spar
11A Proposal 487 Paul just wants to negotiate a wedding proposal between his sister and an alien and pocket the hefty commission
12Growing Pains 483 an assassin has a change of heart
13Summer is for Words 373 a free write about summer
14You'll Need It 493 an Irish boy from a know-nothing town says goodbye to his mother & father as the town watches on
15Attention! 484 a tricky story about a hardass chef
16Goddamnit 495 a guy has 30 seconds left to talk as he drowns
17The Skipping Shadow 525 a lonely shadow sits alone at the nightly party
18Ugly Man Funny Man 500 an old man reflects on the past while tracing the lines in his face
19Noise (not posted) 351 description waiting
20All the Way to 10 498 description waiting
21Give Up (not posted) 472 description waiting
22Three Points 499 two characters discuss the possibility that they are nothing more than characters in a novel
23Don't Lie to Me(not posted) 377 description waiting
24You Can't Eat That 503 two astronauts finally venture out to explore the mobile plant-life of Outpost #230
25Toil and Trouble 500 two guys discussing the issues of having a quixotic boss while mixing potions
26Gas 376 two girls in Afghanistan escape a gas attack at their school
27Upside Down (not posted) 355 a young Syrian boy flees with his family
28Death by Cardio (not posted) 400 death needs to exercise more
29Uncle Vernon 966 a guy in a suit has an encounter with a time-wielding monster
30Parry & Thrust not posted
31The Hungry Escalator 265 a small slice of horror
32Going Home 365 stream of consciousness inspired by the senseless & cowardly attacks in Paris
33Happenstance is the Best Kind of Stance 283 a young girl and a young boy get together
34The Conversation 421 a daughter takes a frustrating phone call from her mother
35Focus 517 Malcolm is tortured and refuses to submit
36Love in Three 860 a woman remembers her relationship with a wanderlust
37Indulgence 381 a self-indulgent man finds himself an interesting dance partner
38Strict Interpretation 294 a man assumes a lot about robots and death
39Lucy Says Hello 561 a man introduces a young cadet to her new training partner
40Getting Back On 297 a kid is determined to learn how to ride his bike
41Give a Guy a Break 606 all he wanted was a quiet evening of reading
42Faster 302 a woman gets challenge to commit to her goals
43Sad Snow 674 a follow-up to Fever
44No Tears 470 two men come to the end of a hard-fought journey
45Pain is Unreliable 532 a character confronts the deity who inexplicably decided to grant her godhood
46A Coward's Perspective 577 a man and woman talk about their future together in a cathedral
47What Do We Do Now?  466 a man confronts his wife's death on the battlefield
48The Shot not posted
49Getting Tail 451 a prostitute and his Madame have a conversation about the future
50Getting Home 506 a woman races home in the face of a nuclear explosion