title genre score description
The Subways music 5/5 concert review from 2/10/15
Tainted Energy book 2/5 a YA about energy and romance that unfortunately can't quite stick the landing of understanding
The Machine book 3/5 a steampunk fantasy about a quiet sales clerk who learns to embrace her inner badass
Broken Aro book 2/5 a high fantasy story about a young lost in a brutal world with mysterious companions
Desire & Duty book 4/5 an erotic novel about a young consort's blossoming into sexual power and identity
Lust & Lies book 4/5 the continuing saga of a consort's navigation of politics and bastard children
Double-Edged book 2/5 a modern noir thriller about a woman with an extraordinary ability
Firestorm book 4/5 the sequel to Stormwielder that doubles down on throwing the kitchen sink at its heroes
Through Sampson's Eyes book 2/5 a philosophical sci fi piece that follows a young woman down the path of androids and ethics
The Governess book 4/5 a period piece romance told in the style and substance of Jane Eyre
Strawberries book 4/5 a horror story charting the meandering lives of a killer and his hunter and a woman neither of them know


The German Life – our adventures in Germany

title description
Goodbye Baltimore on October 19 2014 Belle and I moved to Germany
The Day I Locked Us Out in Germany the doors of Germany hold a tremendous surprise for me
The Hell of IKEA IKEA really really sucks & it's not all IKEA's fault
The Curious Case of Mulled Wine did you know you could put amoretto into mulled wine – hey I like mulled wine now


Life at Random

title filed under description
Be Free Floating the spirit my experience in a float tank – didn't see Elvis
An Introduction to Yoga's Introduction the body pretty descriptive – my first and so far only jump into describing my trip through yoga
Failure is Not Option the spirit I read this sign in a school I visited for work and it's message was terrible
Thanksgiving in Copenhagen t ravel there was duck and Danes
The Danish Foot Tattoo travel you need further explanation?
My Impossible List for 2015 – Updated the spirit the things I did and did not do
My Impossible List for 2016 – Updated the spirit the things I may not accomplish but will work toward
The Intersection of Captain American & American Politics the outrage over Cap's turn to the dark side gives me a chance to talk about politics
My Impossible List for 2017 the spirit the things I may not accomplish but will work toward
Biking to Work & Not Smelling Like it life the title says it all…& tea tree oil!


This Dark Matter – a (defunct) horror website discussing all the ins and outs of the genre

title description
Horror's Allure: Obsession Part 1 of 4
Horror's Allure: Thrill Part 2 of 4
Horror's Allure: Temptation Part 3 of 4
Horror's Allure: Confusion Part 4 of 4
When is Exploitation Not? a review of All Cheerleaders Die
Just Kill Your Mother Already an exhortation for the upcoming zombie apocalypse
The Art of Showing Nothing an exploration of restraint in horror
H.P. Lovecraft on Weird Fiction exploring Lovecraft's opinion of weird fiction scene through the lens of modern horror
The Comedy of Horror examining the news that Jordan Peele will direct a horror movie for his next big project
The Good and Bad of Schlock B-level horror flicks are a world apart from all others
Horror's Morality: The Last of Us exploring how The Awakening and a new video game intersect
The Voices: Psychological Horror & Laughs a Ryan Reynolds film holds a fascinating perspective of mental illness
The Strain: Season 1 review of a Guillermo del Toro's vampire project
Do Better: The Jump Scare a horror trope is so over-used it's a joke
Creep: Always Look Behind You a review and an exhortation
Cockneys vs. Zombies – All Hail the Spectacle a review and an indictment
Are You Thrilled or Horrified? breaking down the differences between the thriller and horror genres

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